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This is basically a Wiki designed to display information about medicine-related matters, and related content, like that on anatomy, physiology and software that can be used to contribute to this Wiki or is otherwise relevant to this Wiki. Written in lay terms (hopefully). Please feel free to contribute to this project, but make sure you use reliable secondary sources like review articles or published medical textbooks for your information..

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Designed to provide, high-quality and helpful information about medicine-related matters (not for personal medical advice, see the disclaimer). Wikipedia's medical disclaimer is applicable to this Wiki.

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Please do read this Wiki as much as you wish, also feel free to improve on it by editing content you feel could be improved. Beyond this, pay attention to hyperlinks (e.g. bupropion) if a medical term, disease or drug name is hyperlinked that likely means that there is an entry on this Wiki about that term, disease or drug that may explain to you what said term means. If a non-medical term/drug or disease term is hyperlinked odds are it is because it is a term that many of us may not know the definition of, and the hyperlink is to Wiktionary. Likewise sometimes the <abbr> HTML function may be used for acronyms, for these you need to slide your mouse over the acronym to see the full form; they appear like this, for example, WHO.

All feedback will be welcome (like what you think can be done to improve this Wiki, or when a term is not adequately explained for a lay person to understand), you can either provide it by commenting on the page you have feedback on or you can email Fuse809, the founder and chief editor of this Wiki.

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If you would like to create an account (you can use Facebook) go here. You can then edit your preferences here. Learn the basics of the syntax here. Likewise this Wiki has a Manual of style, on how Wiki articles should be written and formatted. 

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